Geo’s an italian company produce since 25 years silver plated giftware and silver plated gifts, actually Geos exports all over the world high quality Silver Plated products treated against oxidation and remains thus unalterated forever.
Silver Plated Giftware on the exclusive design of a craftsman who qualified at the school of fine Arts of Venice.
Check our lines of Silver Plated Giftware.

Silver plated products

Geos italian company produce Silver Plated Products granted by a made in italy manufacture, all products are treated against oxidation and remains unaltered forever.
Giftware for special and all occasion, Geos assure the best quality silver plated giftware ever.

Treviso and Venice

Geos is located between Treviso and Venice, synonymous of style and excellence throughout the world thanks to its unique historical and cultural heritage.
That’s why we feel invested with a great responsibility: every day our work is confronted with the works and the beauty that this land has produced over the centuries.